Charles Gross
You Can't Be Serious

The Obama Re-Election Strategy 
Year One of the Obama Administration:  Take over massive amounts of the private sector, triple the national deficit, and substantially increase unemployment.
Year Two:  Blame all of the above on the Bush administration, despite the FACT that the Democrats had control of both the Senate and the House for Bush's last two years.
Year Three:  Blame the Republican-led House of Representatives for preventing "real" solutions (to the disaster created by Democrats).
Year Four:  Cite improvements to the economy, whether factual or not, as evidence of how Obama and cronies are fixing all the problems caused by Republicans.
November, 2012, and the future of America depend on how many voters still drink the Democrat's koolaid.
January 17, 2012

More Racism from the Left

How about the disgusting comments made by Congressman Andre Carson (D, Indiana) the other day, that the Tea Party would love to see blacks "hanging on a tree" and that "some of these (Tea Party) folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens"? He also said the Tea Party is reminiscent of the Jim Crow era. What a racist jerk! And he is a leader in the Congressional Black Caucus! This follows the classy remarks made earlier by another member of the Black Congressional Caucus, Maxine Waters (D, California), that the "Tea Party can go straight to hell".

Fact checks:

1. Among the rising favorite political leaders among conservatives, including Tea Partiers, are Herman Cain, BLACK presidential hopeful, and Allen West, BLACK Republican Congressman. I suppose the typical liberal would say those two blacks are Uncle Toms, so they aren't really black. Duh!

2. Who gave us Jim Crow laws in the first place? I believe it was mostly Southern DEMOCRATS.

3. It should be illegal to allow a BLACK caucus anyway. We can't have a WHITE caucus.

Racism is rampant on the Left, is insignificant on the Right, yet the progressive liberals, especially the black activists among them, continue to delude the black community and white apologizing idiots into thinking the opposite. Finally, I ask anyone to demonstrate what good the Congressional Black Causus has done for the black community, to show that their efforts don't just ensure the continued poverty, poor schools, welfare dependence, and despair that exist there, the conditions that, ironically, Jim Crow laws promoted.

September 1, 2011


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Why are Republican Politicians Such Pansies?

The Republicans in the House passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Budget Bill, yet when the Democrat majority Senate and the President objected, the Republicans in the House caved in and gave Obama what he wanted.  Why didn't Boehner and the House simply refuse to compromise and force the Democrats into the position of either accepting Cut, Cap, and Balance, or cause default on our debt?  Clearly, that would have been a Republican victory (and a victory for conservative principles).

What is wrong with Republican politicians is that they think they have to compromise with bad policy, thus failing to do the right thing.  Thanks for nothing!

August 18, 2011


A Senator With Sense

(Maybe because he hasn't been there long)

Check out Marco Rubio's speech and notice Senator Kerry's silly defense of previous rhetoric by Obama, Biden, and Reid:

August 5, 2011


Stupidity, Duplicity, and/or Ignorance

Can you believe Obama and the Democrats' position on the debt talks?  As of Sunday, July 24, they have yet to put forward a proposal.  Apparently, they are afraid to let the people know what they want by putting it in writing.

Obama is some combination of naive, ignorant, arrogant, and destructive.  He still wants to INCREASE spending.  Are you kidding me?  Does he really want to destroy the American free enterprise system in order to continue his government takeover of the economy?  Obviously so.

Obama still talks about how he inherited a bad economy.  Ok, fine, he did.  What he fails to talk about are these three FACTS:

  • The Democrats took over majority control of both the House and Senate in 2007, TWO YEARS before Obama took office.  The ability to avoid or at least minimize the financial meltdown was in the hands of those Democrats, yet they let the disaster happen, knowing the ignorant masses would blame in on Bush, rather than they.  Bush asked the Democrats for legislation to avoid the disaster, yet they refused.
  • The Democrats had the majority in both the House and Senate for FOUR years, from January 2007 to January 2011, yet, along with their last two years with Obama, took a dangerous economic situation and made it vastly WORSE. 
  • It has been TWO AND A HALF years since Obama took over, yet the economy is worse and he has more than TRIPLED the national deficit.  How long can he whine that it's all Bush's fault and lie to the people about how he has turned it around?

I keep thinking the American voter can't be stupid enough to allow this to happen, yet they keep on proving they are.

Shame on a majority of American voters for allowing these subversive idiots to hold office.  And shame on those who didn't vote for them, but sat silent and didn't raise hell all these years.

July 24, 2011