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Take America Back!

We the People Can Save Our Country if We Stand Up and Act!

This is a re-publication of a previous work by author Charles Gross, with a new title, new cover, and minor changes.

If you have purchased The Danger of Progressive Liberalism, you have already read this informative and blunt look at how the United States is threatened and what we must do about it.

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Charles Gross examines the threat posed to the United States and western culture by the lack of integrity among politicians, the progressive attitudes and actions of the liberal Left, and the encroachment of fundamentalist Islam. The Danger of Progressive Liberalism is a call to action for conservative and moderate Americans to understand and oppose the progressive assault on the United States Constitution and personal liberty. 

 "Reading this book brought me from a place of total apathy concerning  the situation in our country to believing that something could and had to be done and that there were solutions if we all become involved. It supported my beliefs with hard historical and current facts. And when I gave the book as gifts to friends and relatives, their reactions were the same as mine. Read it !!!!" - Ann

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How America is Threatened by Excessive Government, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Entitlement, and the Failures of Both Political Parties

By Charles Gross

Charles Gross makes a case for the following:

  • Liberals consistently say one thing and do another.
  • Liberal politicians blatantly promote racism and divisiveness.
  • Progressive liberal concepts enable the Islamic agenda of global domination.
  • Many moderate Americans support liberal candidates, voting against their own best interests.
  • Republican politicians contribute to the problem by failing to act with integrity and according to the Constitution.

Gross proposes achievable solutions to restore traditional American values. By reducing the size of the federal government, reforming taxation, maintaining a strong national defense, and applying the tenets of the United States Constitution along with common sense, it is possible to save America from progressive liberalism.

Reader Comments

Congratulations, this is very, very, very well written and presented. As far as I am concerned it should be required reading for anyone voting in the 2012 election, most of all our senators and representatives in congress.  -  Tom

You did a great job on your interview. It does (present you) as non-partisan and "fair and balanced".  -  Ed

Finished the book and all I can say is "outstanding".  -  Curt

GREAT JOB!  -  Sharon